Mission HPV Cancer Free Don't Wait To Va

Don’t Wait
to Vaccinate

One printable page in color. This info-graphic provides a call to action emphasizing prevention.

More resources for OUR youth

#UDontGetIt - Vaccination Campaign launched in 2015 by the PA Immunization Coalition

Prevent Cancer with the HPV Vaccine - Resources from the American Cancer Society serving their mission to free the world of cancer

National HPV Vaccination Roundtable - National coalition dedicated to reducing the incidence of and mortality from HPV cancers in the U.S.

RAVE: Understanding HPV Vaccination Rates in Rural Oregon - project designed to help understand why HPV vaccination rates are low and identify best ways to improve them.

Upcoming Events!

August 23rd-27th, 2021: HPV Cancer Free Vaccination Campaign

Past Events!

August 19th-20th, 2020: HPV Summit

The 2020 Oregon HPV Summit is an opportunity for people who care about preventing cancer to gain insight on how to increase HPV vaccination rates in their communities and throughout Oregon. You will have a chance to meet (virtually) local and national experts, engage with others like you from all over Oregon and participate in discussions. There will be a variety of HPV and HPV vaccination related topics to choose from.